House Numbers like no other.

Welcome to our new web site! We decided to upgrade our site to make your ordering experience a little easier and to provide our shoppers with more information about our house numbers. Please take your time to look at the number styles and sizes we offer. The standard size for a house number is 5 inches tall, but we have had customers where their home was set too far back from the street and needed something a little bigger for visibility so we decided to offer all of the address numbers in a 7 inch size to accommodate those situations.

Let me forge your numbers! In essence that is what I do. I don’t just grab some numbers and ship them, rather I hand forge each number as if were my own. Every blow of the hammer gives each one it’s own uniqueness that you just can’t get with overseas numbers from the hardware store. Our house numbers are heavy and solid being made from 3/8 inch thick iron plate. They are forged, tumbled and lacquered giving them a finish that returns many positive reviews. I never use paint and never will. Nothing can match the look and feel of hand forged iron. Remember your homes identity is your address number! Why spend so much time and effort into your home, then use an off the shelf tin number to represent your address?

Know anyone building or buying a new home? Want a great house warming gift? Have any family members that are using those stamped out dreary address numbers? Trust us, they will love these! Take a close look and give us a try and if you not completely satisfied with your purchase contact us and we will happily offer a full refund. I would also love to hear you comments and feedback, and remember we do custom work as well if you have something in mind that is not shown on the web site.