It’s all about the light….

The reason we go to such lengths to produce these numbers is because it’s really all about the light. If you take a close look at most of the house numbers on the market they are usually thin and finished in a flat, matte or satin black finish. This usually results in that stamped out cookie cutter look that comes from overseas.

Producing the numbers we offer is not easy or cheap. We use 3/8″ solid iron plate which is heavy, expensive and often 10 times the thickness of our competition.  Forging and tumbling the numbers results in house numbers that catch the light just right for that awesome old school look that you just can’t get from the hardware store.

To save cost and fuel I produced a set using 1/4″ plate but when it was all said and done I just was not satisfied. You need the added thickness to give the numbers dimension to make it right.  The images on our website will give you an idea, but once you receive them and look at them mounted to you home at different times during the day you will agree that it’s all about the light.