Personalize Your Home With House Numbers

There are a lot of terrific benefits to homeownership, but one of our favorites is that of personalization. Once you have your home, you can decorate it however you see fit, and it becomes an environment that truly displays your passions and personality.

We’ve been selling wrought iron house numbers for a while now, and we’ve learned from our own experiments and from our customers that the sky truly is the limit. Keep reading for 5 suggestions on number placement and artistic enhancements to make your home pop!

  1. Depending on the placement of your house numbers, a colorful border painted in primary colors around them can cause your address to become an art statement.
  2. Speaking of borders, why not paint the border around the numbers to match the shade used for the front door? This creates a sense of symmetry and order, which can be calming for you, your family, and visitors.
  3. When you choose our rustic house numbers, even if you’re in an urban environment, you can add a touch of country charm and laid-back living.
  4. A popular European design is bright white numbers placed directly over the front door. This can add a dash of Parisian sophistication, and make a formerly drab setting sparkle.
  5. By attaching the numbers to deco style tiles, you’ll create an intriguing contrast between materials. The look and feel between the iron and tiles will be eye catching, and it’s a style that’s reminiscent of old world Italy.