Hand-Forged Iron Makes All The Difference

Located in Winthrop, Washington, Winthrop Iron Works continues the area’s great legacy of blacksmithing by creating hand-forged iron house numbers that truly stand apart from the rest as far as quality and design. We continue to use the age-old traditional hand-forging methods to produce each piece individually, which means that every single number and letter that leaves our shop has been carefully crafted by professionals who have been doing this for years.

American-Made Iron Numbers

We love the country in which we live and the community in which we work. Because of this, we pride ourselves on producing every product with the careful attention it deserves, and right here in the United States. In addition, most of our iron works can be viewed locally at our retail store, The Iron Horse, which is located in the town center of Winthrop. If you are in the area, or planning a trip, stop in and check out our work!  Winthrop is in the beautiful Methow Valley at the base of the North Cascades Highway.  There are lots of things to do here including hiking, camping, fishing and Nordic skiing in the winter, so we know you’ll love your visit!

If you have questions about our iron forging process, the materials we use, or our products, then contact us today! We are happy to help.


Location of Winthrop Iron Works