Custom hand forged 5″ tall lettering.

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Do you need a letter to go along with your home address numbers?  Do you have a particular size requirement?  Want an address number that is smaller or larger than what I have listed?  How about adding your last name under the house numbers using the same font?

I have forged many signs and names from ranches to public buildings using the same technique.  How about a custom border around the numbers?  All you have to do is contact me to discuss your requirements and I will custom cut and forge everything to order and you end up with a unique American Blacksmith made identity for you home.

The usual turnaround time is 2-3 days depending on what you have in mind.  The cost varies depending on the job, if you wanted to add your last name which may happen to be “Smith” and you want to match the 5″ numbers you would be looking at the cost for each letter.  So as an example  “Smith” contains five letters so the price would be 5 x $16.95 at the current price.  If your name is Bobby Orr you get away cheap, if it’s Ben Roethlisberger…… well you better sit down.


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